Data Relationship Management enables non-technical users to directly manage changes in master data, while IT controls the process and enforces business rules.

Through a formal, rule-driven workflow process, DRM synchronises master data such as hierarchies, business dimensions, reporting structures, attributes, and business rules across enterprise systems. Coupled with Data Relationship governance DRG which provides the workflow capability to provide controls over changes.


Data Relationship Overview

Data Governance Overview 


FDMEE enables non-technical users to directly manage transfer of data from one system (source) into another system (target). Through a formal, rule-driven workflow process, FDMEE imports source data, validates it, extracts it into target format and checks before loading the data into the target system.  It also provides drill back capability.


Hyperion Quality Management


Oracle Data Integrator allows high volume, high performance loading of Target Systems with data.  It has capability to integrate both metadata and data across more than just Hyperion applications, it can be used as an Enterprise based ETL tool.  It is typically an IT based tool for development and maintenance.


Data Integrator


Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a financial consolidation and reporting application built with advanced Web technology and designed to be used and maintained by the finance team. It provides financial managers the ability to rapidly consolidate and report financial results, meet global regulatory requirements, reduce the cost of compliance and deliver confidence in the numbers.



Hyperion Financial Management


Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management enables organisations to effectively manage the creation of regulatory filings. Featuring deep integration with existing Oracle Hyperion financial reporting tools. 


Disclosure Management Overview


Account Reconciliation Manager is dedicated to the management of account reconciliations. It helps companies reduce risk by providing real-time visibility into the performance of reconciliations and ensuring that all reconciliations prepared are properly qualified. It also helps companies streamline and optimise performance by automating certain reconciliation tasks and supporting risk based reconciliation cycles.



Close Management


Oracle Essbase is an online analytical processing (OLAP) server for enterprise performance management (EPM) applications. Designed specifically for business users, Oracle Essbase supports forecasting, variance analysis, root cause identification, scenario planning and what if modeling for both custom and packaged applications. It can be tightly integrated with multiple data sources and the information generated can be delivered through a wide variety of reporting options. Engineered for scalability, security, and rapid response, Oracle Essbase brings advanced analytics to the business user to enable greater understanding of the business, alignment of resources and improved business results



Essbase Overview


Oracle Planning provides a rich Web and Microsoft Office enabled planning and modeling framework that supports driver based planning to help connect operational assumptions to financial outcomes. It also provides sophisticated predictive planning capabilities that can generate reliable statistical predictions based on time series data over long periods of history while capturing seasonality impacts along the way thus enabling forecasts to be more reliable. This is coupled with on the fly what if modeling capabilities for planners to assess the impact of various combinations of business assumptions on key financial outcomes.


Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is a flexible planning application based on Oracle Hyperion Planning that supports enterprise wide planning, budgeting, and forecasting in a cloud based deployment model.


Business Planing



Oracle Business Intelligence provides complete, near real time, enterprise wide insight for all users.   OBIA are prebuilt solutions designed for rapid deployment at a low cost of ownership.


Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service is the industry’s first BI platform in the cloud that makes analytics available to everyone, from the workgroup to the enterprise. BI Cloud Service empowers users of any skill level, from any department, to easily combine data from diverse sources and quickly create rich, interactive analytic applications and reports.



Business Analytics 



Oracle Smart View for Office (Smart View) provides a common Microsoft Office interface designed specifically for Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI). Using Smart View, you can view, import, manipulate, distribute and share data in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint interfaces. It is a comprehensive tool for accessing and integrating EPM and BI content from Microsoft Office products.  Smartview is now part of the Business Intelligence Foundation suite


Smart View for Office


Oracle Financial Reports turns enterprise data into operational insights by creating book quality financial reports in a variety of formats for a range of audiences. Compliant with all regulations and external requirements, these easy to generate reports can be delivered at once or scheduled for later distribution enhancing your organisation’s financial planning, management, and control.



Financial reporting enterprise


Informatica enables customers to move away from looking at the consolidation of data as 4 separate stages—analyse, extract/transform, validate, and load—and into a more iterative and agile approach.  The consolidation of data is treated as an incremental, iterative process that cycles between the four stages. Since Informatica provides one data integration platform that spans the entire end-to-end process, you can go through the 4 stages of analyse, designing the extraction and conversion logic for the data and validate/load inside one tool. Taking the results of one stage and feeding it into the other. The net result is more frequent and faster iterations.


Modernization Informatica